Welcome Intes Group

İntes Group started to carry out its construction activities in 1994 and realized 100 housing units and shopping center projects. İntes Engineering and Project Office was established in 1996 and İntes Building Inspection Offices were established in 2002.

İntes Engineering, is a company that draws architectural, static and machine electricity of the buildings, and has so far granted the license of more than 15.000 projects and then the settlement.

Established in 2002, İntes Yapı Denetim is one of the leading companies in the sector. Intes Yapı, which has supervised most of the projects in Istanbul, has achieved successful numerical values. To date, 20.000 buildings and 700.000 m2 area is the leading company in the İntes Building Inspection sector.

In 2017, Fabrics entered the fabric sector under the name of Beyond brand and established a brand that has developed itself in a short time. Intes Group, always adopting innovative and technological principles; it has aimed to carry itself to a better position every day and it is seen as a vision.

In 2018, Kartela Halı entered the carpet sector with the brand name and realized technological innovations; also produced carpet with different appearance features. In this way, İntes Group has adopted as a principle to develop and develop three brands in order to provide a better quality service.

İntes Yapı, Fabrics & Beyond and Kartela Halı brands; Intes Group are brands. The brands themselves are developed in a short time in terms of technological, production and service; İntes Group brings its quality to the forefront.