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The Fabrics&Beyond brand is a story of success and pride that has long been uncovered. Since the first day it was established, the company has determined to be a company that determines the trend in its sector and never compromises in quality.

Fabrics&Beyond one the biggest upholstery fabric supplier of Turkey and Europe with our 15 year experience. We supply top-quality, technological and natural products by using most advanced production technologies and finest quality raw materials for our customers in our factories.

Why do the leading manufacturers in the industry prefer the Fabrics&Beyond brand? Because;

– The new season’s popular designs and attractive fabrics are determined by us. Thus, the producers have the opportunity to use the fabric of the new season before they start designing.

– Working with a leading company in design offers the advantage of being a leader in our business partners Fabrics&Beyond eliminates all disadvantages such as China’s distance, communication difficulties, quality control, manufacturing and delivery delays.

– Manufacturers working with us have advantages such as rigorous quality control and short delivery times.

– We are a Turkish company with big factories and offices in China. We can deliver orders from our free zone warehouses in Turkey, shortly from China if you wish. China is now as close as Turkey and Europe and all kinds of demands are met instantly with the most reliable quality control systems.

By combining science with design and insights, Fabrics&Beyond tackles the issues and concerns of today. Every day, our community of innovators is invigorated by the challenge of finding creative ideas and designs. Fabrics&Beyond has long led the way for “knowledge-based” investment, employing designers, chemists and textile engineers, and has accumulated over 200 patents since our founding.

With leader furniture manufacturers located in the Turkey and the world, Fabrics&Beyond’s associates work to deliver innovations that do good for the world, create new experiences, and build for the future. We play to build, for our customers and our company, market leadership and superior returns.

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